Rumi on Louth | RUMI Island | Port Lincoln Island | RUMI Experience | Dine on RUMI
Rumi on Louth | RUMI Island | Port Lincoln Island | RUMI Experience | Dine on RUMI

meet che metcalfe

Owner And
Fierce Protector.

As the co-founder and former CEO of telecommunications infrastructure company Uniti Group, Che’s entrepreneurial journey has been underpinned by a business approach that is grounded in creative thinking and a thirst for knowledge.

After his previous business venture, Uniti Group, was sold in 2022, Che embarked on a new challenge and life-long dream – the development of South Australia’s first luxury off-grid eco private island.

With his background in business growth, telecommunications and media, coupled with his passion for ecological conservation and the restoration of this centuries old island, Che’s vision for Rumi on Louth intersects between his lifelong love for building things, and philosophy of continuous learning.

“I invite you all to come along for the journey with me, one wild adventure at a time”. – Che

meet the team

Resort Manager,
Jane Kelly.

Every luxury off-grade eco private island needs someone at the helm to insure it all runs smoothly. Ours is Jane. The term ‘wears many hats’ springs to mind when it comes to Jane but the role she takes most seriously is her utmost dedication to the island, her team, and of course her guests.

She is the backbone of the business and a true advocate for all what we stand for, infusing this passion into every aspect of our operations and the exceptional team she has fostered.

During your time on the island, Jane ensures you are treated like nothing less than royalty and will go the extra mile to help you create unforgettable memories on our slice of paradise.

Her extensive experience in Operation, Tourism and Marketing paired with her deep love of the Eyre Peninsula have led her to us, and where we can all agree, is exactly where she’s meant to be!

Rumi on Louth | RUMI Island | Port Lincoln Island | RUMI Experience | Dine on RUMI
Rumi on Louth | RUMI Island | Port Lincoln Island | RUMI Experience | Dine on RUMI

Work With Us

join the team.

If you would like to be part of our team please complete the attached questionnaire and return with your latest cv.

Rumi on Louth | RUMI Island | Port Lincoln Island | RUMI Experience | Dine on RUMI

About the team

The Rumi Family.

At Rumi, we believe in cultivating a world where the staff are akin to family, here to offer guests an authentic private island experience, anchored in mutual appreciation of the land, wildlife and oceans that we rest on.

Our team are deeply knowledgeable and endlessly enthusiastic to create the best experiences for guests. Ask us anything and we’ll be more than happy to help everyone uncover our best beaches; the perfect vantage points to watch the sun set, and the must-try-menu delights.

Our island is not just a location, it’s a place of reverence for our staff. We act not only as advocates for its preservation, but also as the heartbeat that brings Rumi to life.

If you’re inspired to be part of our team, we invite you to complete the attached questionnaire and return with your most recent cv.

Join us in creating unforgettable experiences on this extraordinary island.

mission statement

Restoration, Preservation And Inspiration.

Rumi on Louth is committed to Sustainability & Ecology and providing Unique, Quality, Immersive Experiences. We balance the restoration of an ancient island, with the creation of wild indulgence and unforgettable adventure. Not only in seamless harmony, but where each benefits from the other’s existence.

We invest in our People & Culture to create Empowered & Dedicated Teams to show Genuine Care, Professionalism and to deliver Memorable Experiences with elements of Delight & Surprise.

Rumi is a bespoke and unique product. Our stays are for two people, for two nights and inclusive of accommodation, experiences, all meals and select beverages. Stay packages are available for either Wednesday to Friday or Friday to Sunday, so please select these days when choosing your desired dates on the next page.

Bookings are available from January 17 2024, with the flexibility of a Wednesday or Friday check-in.