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Rumi on Louth Kayak Catch & Coast

corporate retreat

Gather On Rumi.

Looking for a unique corporate getaway? Louth Island offers a range of activities perfect for strengthening team skills. Take to the seas to see Louth Island from a new perspective, or stay on land and encourage your team to explore, experience and invigorate their minds.

Wellness Retreat Rumi on Louth

wellness retreat

Rejuvenate And Refresh.

What better way to practise self-love than by retreating to an ancient island where your only worry is whether to sail the seas or bird-watch each day? Louth Island is the perfect getaway to get right away from the hustle of everyday life. Enjoy our customised itinerary designed to rejuvenate and refresh even the weariest of minds.

Wellness Retreat Rumi on Louth

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mission statement

Restoration, Preservation And Inspiration.

Rumi on Louth is committed to Sustainability & Ecology and providing Unique, Quality, Immersive Experiences. We balance the restoration of an ancient island, with the creation of wild indulgence and unforgettable adventure. Not only in seamless harmony, but where each benefits from the other’s existence.

We invest in our People & Culture to create Empowered & Dedicated Teams to show Genuine Care, Professionalism and to deliver Memorable Experiences with elements of Delight & Surprise.