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Rumi on Louth Experience


Kayak Catch & Coast.

Start your journey departing from the Louth Bay compound, with an exhilarating Sealegs transfer to Louth Island.

Your on-island adventure unfolds with a private Island Tour via your personal kayak, giving you freedom to glide across the ancient island’s pristine waters against its backdrop of white, sandy beaches.

Complete your tour with an immersive fishing expedition, where you can look towards the stunning horizon as you catch your bounty along the shores.

Enjoy a well-earned, decadent downtime with a beach picnic or BBQ, while soaking in the picturesque views. You’ll feel like you’re the only one in the world for miles on end as you sample a culinary celebration of fresh ocean-to-table offerings.

Savour the last moments of Rumi as you board your Sealegs home.

Price: $400 per person

Rumi on Louth Experience

The Details

Package includes:

  • Sealegs transfer to Louth Island from the Louth Bay Compound
  • Island Tour via kayak with an immersive guided fishing expedition
  • Beach Picnic or BBQ
  • Sealegs transfer back to Louth Bay Compound

Book your Kayak Catch & Coast on a: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Price: $400 Per Person

6.5 hours total, with pick up from your Port Lincoln address at 8.30am, returning at 3pm.

your itinerary



Sealegs transfer to Louth Island



Island Tour via kayak with an immersive guided fishing expedition



Beach Picnic or BBQ



Sealegs transfer to Louth Bay